An important year to build our progressive movement (January 2022)

The year ahead will be an important one—nationally as well as right here at home.

The pandemic, now heading toward its third year, is posing new and ongoing dangers to our workplaces, schools, and communities. For many working people, the economic impact of COVID continues to take its toll, and housing and other essential costs continue to rise. At a federal level, President Biden's legislative agenda has stalled out, and across the country, right-wing efforts to roll back the clock on civil rights and voting rights are gaining ground.

Meanwhile, Chicago's working people are stepping up: Art Institute of Chicago staff just unionized across the museum and school. Chicago educators battled the city and CPS high school students staged a city-wide walkout for a safe return to school. Baristas nationwide—including at Logan Blvd and California Ave—are pushing to unionize Starbucks.

Upcoming 2022 elections include the opportunity to send one of our strongest United Working Families allies, State Rep. Delia Ramirez, from Springfield to Washington to represent us in a newly formed 3rd Congressional District—and we're going to work hard to make that happen. (Read more about our 2022 endorsements)

In this time of challenge especially, our progressive movement needs to keep organizing people power to protect our city and win the things our communities need and deserve.

Join us this Saturday for our first members meeting of 2022.

33rd Ward Working Families
January Members Meeting
Saturday, 1/22 at 11:30 am
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We hope to see you there!