Say no to ASPIRA relocation

ASPIRA Illinois, a charter school network, is trying to relocate its Early College High School to a building less than half a mile from Roosevelt High School. This move is opposed by the principal of Roosevelt and by Ald. Rossana Rodriguez because moving a charter school so close to a neighborhood school would threaten Roosevelt's enrollment and funding. While we want what's best for ASPIRA students and teachers, we cannot jeopardize Roosevelt High School.

Between 2000-2012, 71% of new charter schools opened were within 1.5 miles of the 49 schools that were ultimately closed under Rahm Emanuel's administration.

In 2016, neighbors voted overwhelmingly to oppose charter expansion in our ward and the Chicago Teacher's Union won a moratorium on charter expansions in their 2019 contract. This proposal exploits a loophole and clearly goes against the spirit of the agreement and desire of neighborhood residents. 

Neither ASPIRA nor the Chicago Board of Education have been transparent about what the considerations are in weighing potential relocation or when the decision might be made. The Board could make this critical decision as early as May 26th, during their regular monthly meeting.

Tell the Mayor and her appointed school board to vote NO on the ASPIRA relocation. Add your name here and we'll share with your elected officials and the Mayor.

We, the undersigned, ask the Mayor and her appointed school board to vote no on the ASPIRA relocation plan.

The space is needed for neighborhood schools and the proposed expansion exploits a loophole in the current charter moratorium.

We stand with Roosevelt High School and demand resources for our public, neighborhoods schools. 

Will you sign?