Office Reboot

We're getting ready to invite you back in. Help us re-open as a more accessible, comfortable, and inspiring place to build a better Chicago.

3248 W Montrose Ave. is home to 33rd Ward Working Families.

We believe that a strong community is an organized community, and that it's important to have a place where neighbors, activists, and difference-makers can come together to work toward common solutions.

Since 2019, our storefront office has been a dynamic space that has served as a home base for our endorsed electoral campaigns and hosted activities related to immigrants rights, housing rights, and labor and community advocacy. When the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, we transitioned the office to a volunteer-run, emergency pantry that served hundreds of local families with groceries and supplies every week.

We want to continue to build on this work and improve our office space so that it can better serve as an organizing hub for 33rd Ward Working Families and our community at large.

Our goals include:

• Improving our street presence by adding new, attractive signage so that neighbors and passersby are drawn to our office

• Creating an inviting space in the front that will be utilized for small group meetings, drop-ins, and conversations

• Improving our heating and cooling systems to make our office more comfortable year-round

• Making our office more accessible, with translation equipment for non-English speakers and improvements for people with physical disabilities

• Adding equipment for screen-printing and other creative activities

With COVID-19 safety trending positively, we have an opportunity now to reimagine our space and prepare it to welcome you back for in-person events in the coming months.

[UPDATE June 2021] Wow! Thanks to your contributions so far, we have already surpassed our initial goal. As we start into work on the above list, we're boosting our fundraising target to add in a few reach goals, including:

• Preparing the backyard for outdoor events and post-COVID gatherings

• Creating an organized organizing space with new shelving, coat and bag hooks, and storage cabinets for campaign supplies

• Welcoming you in with a coffee station to caffeine-charge morning canvasses and fuel neighborly conversations

Your donation of any amount will help us re-open stronger than ever—and able to meet new challenges as we fight for justice in a changing world.


raised of a $5,000.00 goal



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