We are an independent political organization based in Chicago's 33rd Ward, which includes the neighborhoods of Albany Park, Avondale, Irving Park, and Ravenswood Manor.

Our mission is to build a political alternative in the ward to promote the needs of working families. We aim to develop and run home-grown candidates for public office and build political power through advocacy and education around daily issues that affect the material well-being and political interests of ward residents.

Our history

33rd Working Families formed in 2015 following the independent aldermanic campaign of Roosevelt High School social studies teacher Tim Meegan. The Meegan campaign pushed the incumbent, part of a decades-long Machine dynasty, to the brink of the first runoff in the ward in 80 years.

Following the election, the campaign reformed as an independent political organization (IPO) to continue to push for the progressive values that earned the campaign thousands of ward votes.

Since then, the IPO has become a local leader in progressive causes, leading campaigns to lift the ban on rent control, protect our ward's immigrant population, and support labor and public services in Chicago.

In 2018, the IPO nominated one of its members, Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez, to run again for the aldermanic seat. Rodriguez won the seat in April 2019.