Rent control referendum wins big in 33rd Ward

An advisory referendum to lift the state ban on rent control in Illinois won by huge margins in the 33rd Ward, which includes the neighborhoods of Albany Park, Avondale, and Ravenswood Manor. 33rd Ward Working Families, a local independent political organization, put the referendum on the ballot and campaigned for its victory.

"Neighborhoods like Albany Park are being drained of the very people who make it so special—immigrants, working-class families, seniors, and longtime residents. These results show that our community values the people who live here over the profits of developers. It's time for our legislators to take bold and immediate action to keep our neighborhoods affordable. We want an end to the ban and rent control legislation now." —Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez, member, 33rd Ward Working Families

Rodriguez-Sanchez recently wrote about her experience getting priced out of her apartment while pregnant.