(Adopted June 2015)

Economic Justice

People who work full time should not be poor in Chicago.  We need to address the symptoms of poverty while getting at the root cause.

We support: A $15 minimum wage, affordable housing, fully funded pensions for all city workers, a restoration of cuts to free clinics and mental health facilities, and new sources of revenue that tax corporations and the very wealthy, including a graduated income tax and the LaSalle Street Tax

Ending Privatization

Our public assets should remain public, not sold off to the highest bidder.

We support: A moratorium on the privatization of Chicago's public assets and services, an end to mayoral control of city agencies, and the abolition of the tax-increment financing (TIF) program

Fully Funded Public Sector

A fully-funded public sector strengthens the local economy, produces an educated population, improves quality of life, and can play a role in reducing social inequality.

We support: A moratorium on school closings and charter expansion; elected, representative boards of city agencies, including CPS, the City Colleges, and CHA; and promoting policy and action to ensure quality public education (limiting standardized testing, promoting opt-out, bilingual education, culturally sensitive curriculum, and ending harsh disciplinary policies and promoting restorative justice)

Maintaining Neighborhood Diversity

Our community’s strength is its diversity. Public policy should respect all those who call our community home, regardless of wealth, race, or immigration status.

We support: Monitoring and explaining local economic development tools that contribute to gentrification and displacement

Improved Ward Services

Our city budget should be reprioritized to direct funding to neighborhoods, not just the downtown to improve services in the ward. It’s not enough for our political leadership to fill potholes and provide ward services during election season. Our ward needs equitable and robust services year round.

We support: Better transportation, cleaner streets and alleys, and filled potholes, in all parts of the ward