Election Day Wrap-up: Brandon Johnson 1st in 33rd Ward, Rossana wins re-election

Thank you to this community of people who gave your time, your enthusiasm, and your hearts to deliver big wins for Brandon Johnson and Rossana Rodriguez this Election Day.

Together, we re-elected Rossana and put Brandon into the mayoral runoff. Brandon won the 33rd Ward by a 10-point margin—and got four times as many votes as mayor Lori Lightfoot.

We’re running with Brandon and

✅ fully funded public schools
✅ urgent action on affordable housing
✅ new green jobs
✅ addressing crime and poverty by investing in people
✅ #TreatmentNotTrauma within his first 100 days

Big congratulations to the 17th Police District Council slate of Elizabeth Rochford, Anthony Michael Tamez, and Steve Spagnolo. They swept three seats against a pair of FOP kooks and will be our community’s first-ever representatives in the new council created by the Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) ordinance in 2021.

To all our friends Rossana campaign volunteers: Thank you again for a successful Election Day and for all you do. We loved having you with us.

Together as neighbors, we are burying the old Machine, building people power, and building community.

The 33rd Ward was one of the most pro-Brandon wards in the city, and we are going to help him win again this April 4.

Stay tuned for runoff updates!

33rd Ward Working Families