Rossana's City Council Stand Against All Violence


Thank you Alderperson Rossana Rodríguez-Sánchez for speaking out against all violence and standing with the Palestinian community in Chicago City Council!

We would also like to thank 1st Ward Ald. Daniel La Spata, 14th Ward Ald. Jeylú Gutiérrez, 25th Ward Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez, and 26th Ward Ald. Jessie Fuentes for speaking truth to power and standing with Palestinians.

Below is a transcript of Alderperson Rossana Rodriguez's speech at City Council on 10/13/23.

I'm sorry, beyond words, for all the pain that both the Jewish community and the Palestinian community are experiencing right now. They are all part of our communities.

I think condemning the violence that took place in Israel, the horrific violence that took place in Israel by Hamas, is something that we are all united on. There is no doubt. No civilian should ever be killed. But that is not the only thing that this resolution does.

This resolution also asks this body to put the name of the city of Chicago to be in support of the government of Israel. And I have heard several of my colleagues saying that's not what this is about, but it says it in the resolution. That we, the members of the city council, stand in support of Israel at the time that Israel is dropping bombs in Gaza, at the time that Palestinians are getting displaced, at the time that 1.1 million Palestinians were given 24 hours to be able to evacuate.

If we are against violence, we are against all kinds of violence, and we need to be in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters as well. That's not what this resolution says or does. Just like my colleague from the 26th Ward says, Debra, we are incredibly sorry for the pain that you are experiencing and the pain that the Jewish community is experiencing right now. And we stand in solidarity with our Jewish siblings. Chicago is always going to be a sanctuary for Jewish people. And we are going to work towards that, always.

But that cannot be at the expense of the lives of Palestinian people. The name of Chicago should not be signed on to commit genocide. So if there's a voice vote on this resolution, I want to be recorded as a ‘no'.


For the full video of the 10/13/23 City Council meeting, please see the recorded video here.